Developing free (open source) softwares takes time, a lot of time.

In the economic model of free software it is always "complicated" to be paid for the past time ... So CAP-Rrel offers a "R&D support" formula on different projects.

For example: for the import system of supplier invoices of Dolibarr scaninvoices you can get this formula to help us.

But also for "under development" projects: you can subscribe to the generic formula "R&D support" the time you want!

Every month you receive a classic invoice, payment is automated on the bank card associated with your account and that's it.

It's a little bit like platforms that offer this kind of service (Liberapay, Patreon, Tipeee etc.) except that it is without intermediaries so no % is taken on the way ... It's Direct User - Developper

Some numbers about average salary of a developer in 2023 (in France, where we are)

So if we want to create jobs - that is my eden as a business leaders - we must be able to pay our employees at least as well as in the rest of the industry. Often a "little boss" agrees to be less well paid than if he was an employee of a "big company" (and the argument generally revolves around independence, freedom etc.) ... So as much this point of view can exist for yourself as much is impossible to say to a candidate "you will be less well paid but with us it's cool" because it is simply false!

A large company brings a lot of complementary things (nursery for children, corporate committee, 13th month, perhaps a company car, perhaps holiday vouchers ... etc).

Then a SME that creates jobs in the development of free software must at least pay its employees as in the rest of the sector. Quite simply.

The solution we offer is that of the recurring financial contribution: many of you are satisfied with our commitment to the world of free software and find that our contribution is well worth 10 of your euros per month? So subscribe to the time you want to the R&D support formula because small streams make the big rivers.